Newberry challenging Alachua County’s proposed Charter Amendment

NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) -The City of Newberry is planning to file a lawsuit against Alachua County.

According to the press release, Newberry is challenging the county’s proposed Charter Amendment which state it would establish a County Growth Management Area.

If approved by voters in November, the proposal would create a county growth management area that would forever govern land development, even after part of the area is annexed into a city.

“The amendment, if implemented, eliminates the ability of municipalities to determine land uses that allow them to chart their unique course of development and differentiate themselves from other communities,” said the city in a press release. “The amendment adversely affects the ability of the City to determine the appropriate land use within its jurisdiction and is adverse to the fundamentals of home rule. The City believes that locally elected officials make the best decisions about their own community.

“The City contends that the ballot title and the ballot summary for the proposed Charter Amendment are misleading, contain improper political rhetoric, and fail to adequately inform the voters of the chief purposes and material components of the proposed Charter Amendment. As a result, voters will not be able to make an informed decision in casting their vote on this Charter Amendment.”

The city is requesting the court to state the proposal violates state law and for the court to grant an injunction, striking it from the General Election ballot.

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