Single-stream recycling begins in the City of Marquette

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Marquette County Solid Waste Management started a single-stream recycling program Monday in the City of Marquette.

Marquette Public Works Director, Scott Cambensy, said it’s no longer necessary to separate tins, plastics and cardboard boxes.

“Not much has changed other than you can now combine your fibers and rigids,” Cambensy said. “Everything still has to be loose in the container.”

It is still a requirement to recycle glass items separately. There will be a separate curbside glass recycling collection beginning December 7. The first week of each month Waste Management will replace the single-stream recycling with the glass collection.

Not all municipalities have the green light to put their recyclables curbside yet. Marquette County Solid Waste Management Director of Operations, Brad Austin, said there is still some equipment being installed at the Waste Management facility to take the recycled materials in.

Municipalities like the city of Marquette have the ability to move the material to an alternate facility, in the meantime, but not all have that access.

“The city of Negaunee whose hauler does not have that capability,” Austin said. “Those residents in the city of Negaunee will have to combine materials per the guideline but will have to hold it until we’re open.”

It’s important to contact your municipality to get current and specific information.

Participating the recycle program is completely optional.

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